Heritage Art Auctions

Australian Entries in July Sale

Based in Whanganui, New Zealand, Heritage Art Auctions is a 2 year old art auction house. We hold quarterly ‘timed’ online art sales running over 5 or 10 days.

In our current quarterly art sale which opened for bidding on June 29, we feature a number of well-known Australian artists whose names (with lot numbers) are shown below.  I’m also showing a small number of works by the artists who are being featured. To see the remainder please go to our online Catalogue and click on the appropriate lot numbers.

You can view the catalogue here: https://auctions.heritageartnz.com/2304.1

Registration is easy, costs nothing and will enable you to save any artists that you might be interested in, to your Wish List.  In the meantime enjoy the pictures below and do visit our sale. You may find some bargains since most of our Kiwi clients won’t be interested in Australian art (more’s the pity).

If you have any queries, please feel free to call me on 0064 27 471 2242 or email: Henry@HeritageArtNZ.com.

Our next sale will be at the end of September and we’ll likely have more Australian and international offerings in this sale also.

Henry Newrick
Heritage Art Auctions
Heritage House, 136 St Hill Street
Whanganui, NEW ZEALAND 4501

Catalogue can be viewed at: https://auctions.heritageartnz.com/2304.1


In current Heritage Art Sale, closing Sunday, July 9, from 6pm (NZ time)

22 COCKS, Robert Sidney (1866-1939)
27 BASSETT, F.H. (1888-1948)
58 EMMETT, Harry (1900-1979)
62 COOK, Ebenezer Wake (1844-1926)
142 DEXTER, William (1818-1860)
154 DELAWARR, Valentine (1852-1918)
162 WOOKEY, Elanor (21st Cent.)
171 GHEE, Robert Edgar Taylor (1869-1951)
195 FULLWOOD, Albert Henry (1863-1930)
201 LINDSAY, Norman (1879-1969)
203 LINDSAY, Norman (1879-1969)
204 LINDSAY, Norman (1879-1969)
212 LINDSAY, Norman (1879-1969)
222 FORSYTH, Alfred William (1860s-1909)
271 SCOTT, Robert Vere (1877-1940)
377 JOANNES, Thomas (21st Cent)
399 CAYLEY, Neville Pennington (1853-1903)
400 CAYLEY, Neville Pennington (1853-1903)
404 HALL-THORPE, John (1844-1947)
405 HALL-THORPE, John (1844-1947)
431 MUNDY, Colonel Godfrey Charles (1804-1860)
452 LINDSAY, Norman (1879-1969)
453 LINDSAY, Norman (1879-1969)
502 DONE, Ken (1940-)
654 HALL-THORPE, John (1844-1947)
655 HALL-THORPE, John (1844-1947)
656 HALL-THORPE, John (1844-1947)
657 HALL-THORPE, John (1844-1947)
658 HALL-THORPE, John (1844-1947)
659 PROCTOR, Thea (1879-1966)
668 HUGGINS, William John (1785-1841)
711 FITZGERALD, Robert D. (1830-1892)

If there are any particular artists in whose works you are interested, please advise us and we will let you know if anything by these artists come our way. Sometimes, vendors, looking for an early sale, are happy to sell directly without waiting for their art to go to auction.

Please email your ‘want’ list to: Henry@HeritageArtNZ.com or
Call Henry Newrick on +64 27 471 2242.