Following a number of requests over the past couple of years (which we invariably declined, through lack of available time) we have now decided to accede to these requests and undertake insurance valuations.

In arriving at valuation figures we take a number of factors into account, the main one being the replacement cost for a work of similar size by the artist (if still living) as well as comparable prices for similar sized works on the secondary (ie auction) market.

The auction market provides the only real value to an artist’s worth, particularly if that artist is long since dead. To this end we have access to a variety of databases and many millions of artworks (with their auction prices) to enable our arriving at credible valuations.

The costs of our valuation services are generally time based and involve viewing the artworks at your home or business (if a large number) or at our premises if they can be brought in.

For more information please call Henry Newrick on 027 471 2242 or email: