If you missed our recent ‘Timed’ and ‘Live’ Sales here is your
FINAL OPPORTUNITY to grab some bargains from the unsold
List before it is closed for good on Tuesday, 19th October.

Simply register your NAME & EMAIL address where it says Register (above).
Confirm your email address when you receive the verification email and you
are good to go. Look for the UNSOLD items in our 2 recent sales catalogues
and if you wish to submit an offer by email on any unsold item you are free
to do so. Offers must NOT BE LESS than 80% of the lower estimate as shown
in the Lot listings. If you don’t receive the verification email within a few
minutes please call 027 471 2242 and we’ll do it for you manually. Please
send all offers to: Henry@HeritageArtNZ.com before October 19th.

For a PREVIEW of some of our more outstanding entries Click Here for a downloadable PDF file with photos.