Thank you Friend for your entry into our prize draw. The successful winner will be notified by email. There are two draws each year with draw dates being June 30th & December 30th.

Feel free to browse any of our recent catalogues by clicking on Auctions, then Previous Auctions in the tagline above.

If any lot is marked in the catalogue as reserve met this means that the item was sold at auction.  If the lot says reserve not met then the item may still be available if it has not already been sold after the auction or returned to the vendor.  If it still remains available following your enquiry then we will release it at the reserve price which is generally, but not always, 90% of the low estimate. In a few cases we may have been instructed to re-offer in our next sale.

To see if any item that interests you remains available please contact Henry Newrick on 027 471 2242 or email

And good luck with the prize draw.

Henry Newrick
Heritage Art Auctions