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Our catalogues generally contain a range of paintings, watercolours, works on paper, photographs, prints of all types (lithographs, screen prints, etchings, engravings, woodcuts, etc) covering almost 5 centuries of art – from the 1500s-2000s.

The Books

On completing the form below you will receive a link taking you to the TWO art reference books indicated which we have turned into PDF files for you to access on whatever computer device you are using.

The first book is a FREE PDF copy of New Zealand Art Auction Records.

Published in 1973 by Henry Newrick the book featured auction prices spanning the period 1969-1973. It also contained biographical data on hundreds of New Zealand artists – the first book of its type in New Zealand and a task that took the author months of research to complete. Long out of print, when copies come on the market today they generally fetch $25-$50.

It’s absolutely fascinating to look back on auction prices 50 years ago, compared to what the artists fetch today. In November 1971 a large McCahon oil painting ‘Kauri’ (75cm x 50cm) sold at Cordy’s for $70. Today that painting would be worth around $250,000 – $300,000. Many other artists have not fared so well, particularly the lesser colonial artists whose values have only increased a little or even slipped.

The second book is again a FREE PDF copy of the 304 page best-selling (now out of print) Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Artists (Painters / Printmakers and Sculptors) by Kate McGahey.

Published in 2000 (27 years after Newrick’s book) Kate McGahey’s work covers a much wider range of artists, many of them contemporary and still flourishing today whereas most of the artists featured in Henry Newrick’s book are now long deceased.

Over the next few years as we build our database we’ll be releasing PDF copies of various reference works that may appeal to collectors of what I call Heritage Art. Prime among the publications to be made available will be PDF copies of the first series of the quite rare (and expensive) Art in New Zealand which ran from 1928-1946.

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