Below are 5 images from our September 2022 Art Auction Catalogue. The original intention was to have you match these images to the lot numbers in the catalogue.

However it appears that some people were having difficulty in navigating the catalogue.

For this reason we have removed the requirement to match images to lot numbers and so all you have to do is enter your details below and you will automatically receive a FREE entry in each 6 monthly draw for the next 2 years. The prize is a $250 art auction credit which can be used at any time during the 12 months following each draw.

Heritage Art Auctions sells New Zealand and overseas paintings, watercolours, prints, works on paper and photos, from the 17th – 21st Centuries in its online quarterly art sales. Auction prices range from as little as $25 for attractive matted prints (ready for framing) up to thousands of dollars for rare and valuable artworks.

Draws are held June 30th and December 30th each year and winners will be notified by email. All entries go into the next available draw and the following 3 draws. Winning credits should be used within 12 months of being received.

When you join our mailing list at Heritage Art you also receive access to a free copy of New Zealand Art Auction Records which has earlier auction prices and artist’s biographies.  Find out more at:

  • The auction credit must be used in blocks of $50 so if purchasing an artwork for $80 you could either use a $50 credit and pay $30 or use two credits ($100) but no change can be given.

NOTE:  In the ‘Source’ section below please enter the name of publication in which you saw our advert or if you picked up a flyer from a shop, the 5 letter alpha numeric code that is written at the bottom or on the back of the flyer (e.g. AB123). If there is no Source Code please put UNKNOWN.